Reks lvl 99 Challenge- lvl 41-42 Final Fantasy XII

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I am attracting a record never achieved worldwide: make take up Reks level 99!!!
I therefore am making my record and if I replay action put this video, it is to prove that I make it réelement take up myself without cheats nor. I would put of from time to time videos when I take up a level (for instance every 5 levels, otherwise you imagine not the number of videos which this would make has the end). You will be able to prove that that's true my year my gils, my hours of game, my total of step, etc...

See you soon for the passage of Reks at level 45!!!

I would be the only one has credit successful this record!!! Even if it is very long, what will be surement case when he will lack 400 000 exp to attain following level by the end, I would not lower arms!!! I would arrive there!!! If you follow my progress, you will see that I say the verité. Even if it paraitra you perhaps long, I ask you not to lower arms and to go on has attendre me

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