Tiga Shoes (taken from the album Ciao!)

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Directed by Alex & Liane, the new video for Tiga's "Shoes" is cooler than Obama with frosted tips. "It imagines a horrifying dystopia in which people other than myself are interviewed," says the Man of Music Future, "I had to calm myself down by staring at my MySpace photos for a couple of hours."

Tiga's new album Ciao! is out on April 27th on Different.

8 commentaires

hah! great stuff :)
Par Marcin il y a 5 ans
Uaiii merci canall
Son enorme
Par cass10 il y a 5 ans
merci canal+ !!j'adore...cela aurait été dommage de passer à côté!!
Par Lydie Foglietti il y a 5 ans
completement barré, completement addict!
Par biduletrucmachinchose il y a 5 ans
excellent :D
Par especially30 il y a 5 ans
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