Prop 8: The Web Series - Ep. 3 - Slavery

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The Fine Brothers
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If they can take Gay Rights away why not bring back Slavery>


I'll be honest, I didn't watch this video because the player didn't let me skip to the end. Also, I logged into this site, which I never log into, just to tell you what a stupid idea you just presented. Do you want to bring up the holocaust too? It's not that far away. You're almost there. I don't even disagree with gay marriage! It's just that you took the time to not only say such a stupid thing, but made an entire... hm, what's that say there, nearly two minute long video presenting the idea.

Oh, I also voted you a 1.
By skreehunter 5 years ago
When Gays get whipped,tortured,segregated and forced to work for a "higher race", then come back to me..
By crazclown 5 years ago
Why not bring back slavery. It's perfectly legal to murder an innocent baby for the purpose of convience or economics.
The KKK loves seeing all those innocent black babies being aborted......

Is there anymore to say?
By Jim Rathbun 5 years ago