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    Jeffrey Lin goes to NYC for Largest Tweetup Ever! CNBC Fa...


    by FINZtv

    First Special - part 1.'s Jeffrey Lin goes to NYC for the CNBC Fast Money & OptionMonster Tweetup...a.k.a. the LARGEST TWEETUP EVER! First Tweetup syndicated live globally with a global cable show! Landing in NYC at 5am, it sure seemed like doom and gloom at the financial capital of the world. At 8:30am that morning on March 6th, 2009, the U.S. government released the jobs number, showing unemployment had risen to a high of 8.1%. Stocks tried to move up in this adversity but the bears quickly gave the market a smackdown, taking the S&P to new lows AGAIN! When all hope seemed lost, the market snapped back in the last hour and held the line! Setting us up for... THE SUPER WEEKEND EVENT: - Fast Money & OptionMonster Tweetup during live broadcast of Fast Money on 3.6.09 at the NASDAQ Market Site in Times Square - then InvestLikeAMonster Conference on 3.7.09 by and *Credits* Soundtrack: - "The Way She Makes Me Feel" by Brian Summers ( - "Can't Stand The Rain" by The Rescues (