Sophie Marceau in the movie `La Boum 2` ~ Montage vidéo



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`La Boum 2` & Sophie Marceau = my new montage vidéo (Elsa `Etre ensemble`)...

This sequel to La Boum, a teenage romantic comedy that was a big box-office success in Europe, revisits Vic (Sophie Marceau), who is now 15 years old and living in a slightly more stable home, since her parents (Brigitte Fossey and Claude Brasseur) have resolved their differences and stopped bickering. Love has come to Vic's grandmother (Denise Grey), who is thinking of getting married again. And romance is knocking on Vic's door as well when she meets a boy in her class named Philippe (Pierre Cosso). But now Vic has to decide if this is real love -- and if it is, if she should go all the way with Philippe. Like the first film, Le Boum 2 was a solid moneymaker, and it earned Sophie Marceau a César Award (the French Oscar) as Most Promising Young Actress of 1983.

Cast * Sophie Marceau - Vic * Claude Brasseur - Vic's father * Brigitte Fossey - Vic's mother * Pierre Cosso - Philippe * Sophie Marceau as Vic Beretton * Claude Brasseur as François Beretton * Brigitte Fossey as Françoise Beretton * Lambert Wilson as Félix Maréchal * Pierre Cosso as Philippe Berthier * Alexandre Sterling as Mathieu * Sheila O'Connor as Pénélope Fet * Alexandra Gonin as Samantha Fontanet

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Merci pour ce clip sur une superbe chanson d'Elsa que je ne connaissais pas. Que de souvenirs avec la Boum, j'adore ce film...
Пользователем JUANMARCO38 6 лет назад
Je crois que j'aurais fait pareil...
Пользователем JUANMARCO38 6 лет назад