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    Indictment DNA was transferred to criminal court department of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, competent officials to solve crimes.
    Cascade was controversial and revolutionary
    PSD Deputy Emilian Cutean had a remarkable ascent to the condition of cascade was revolutionary and controversial. If in the first years after the Revolution deals with various small business run by his association's headquarters, turned in a time deposit in consumer goods, and was accused in the press that the ex-wife and daughter abandoned minor, he busted suddenly to the rank of secretary of state in the Nastase Government. Under the rule as chief in SSPR was detected from the official archives have disappeared thousands of files revolutionary (especially of the Revolution impostorilor made with tens of thousands during the second mandate of Ion Iliescu), so now many revolutionaries to be authentic and restore lost files for the benefit of rights conferred by the law of gratitude. Cutean was recently threatened with death by a numerous group of revolutionaries posted in front of the PSD headquarters, which were not removed from the "bandit" and "hot" and even tried to have it licked. (R.S.)