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Automatic Filled Perogi & Pelmeni Machine

9 anni fa4.4K views

Su Cappelletti and agnolotti machine – with double mould shape cappelletto/agnolotto PN02 -hourly production of KGs 50 about - the change from one shape to another is possible with the machine in motion by the simple rotation of a lever - possibility to change moulds (tortellone excluded) - equipped with anti-accident devices. Forming machine for the production of special single-layer sizes, which are typical of Emilia tradition. It is recommended for the production of pasta with meat filling; it can also process lean meat, ricotta, cheese, pumpkin fillings, etc. Suitable for the industrial use because it is easy to wash and disassemble. Automated and continuous filling feeding. The sheet speed can be adjusted according to the size. The functions are controlled by some life-lube independent speed-change drive units, which do not require any scheduled maintenance.