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    Block Coloring a British (Bob Haircut)

    Grant Sharp

    by Grant Sharp

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    For a MORE FREE Hair Coloring Techniques and How to Color Block a British Bob Haircut, SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter and get access to the whole FREE series HERE: Block Coloring is a very popular Hair Coloring Techniques amongst creative hair coloring artists. In this episode, hair coloring expert Kelle uses a unique block coloring technique to spice up a modern British Bob Haircut, or what she calls a British Shag. Color Blocking is a process in which color is added in "blocks" giving new dimension to just a portion of the hair, such as bangs. To add three-dimensional color, the hair may be separated into dozens of sections with two to three colors "blocked" in alternating sections. This service must be touched up every four to six weeks. This can be applied to all kinds of hairstyles, and in this case if applied to a British Bob Haircut, or a British Shag. Specialty color/Avante Guard Hair Prints - Depending on whether you are coloring a bob haircut or another hair style and type, you could create a simple striped pattern or polka-dotted pattern using a haircolor or lightener with a thick cream developer so that it will not run or drip. Apply thin stripes over the surface of the bob haircut along the top layer, or simply apply the color/lightener in small dots on the outer surface of the hair. Creating a leopard pattern is trickier, as it needs to start with a tawny-brown base color and apply dark brown/black haircolor in small circles and allow the color to process. This method only works on a bob haircut that is one-length and is styled to lie straight and smooth. If your hair is layered or curly, it won't look as good.. There are many techniques used in haircoloring to give the hair a special “flash” and special style. This episode is over 10 mins long and as a result, we cannot load the whole thing to this Channel. Want to see the whole episode and all the other great Hair Coloring Techniques and Block Coloring techniques in this series? Then Subscribe to the Cutting Ed...