Family Court Corruption & Father's Rights

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This video is dedicated to Sam from Child Support Enforcement Bureau. New York Who doesnt know what poverty is. Dear Family Court Judge and Child Support Enforcement Bureau I am 53 years old man judge who went through a lot in my country Poland and I know very well what is like to be hungry. New York after The World Trade Center attack was not sweet either. I have no respect for you, because you do not want to help people even in times of crises. It seems like your passion is her to destroy humans lives. Why it is so hard for you to see that we are in the economic depression? Millions of people are looking for work. Where is your common sense, Judge? What is it that you are trying to achieve by putting me on the street? You know judge and child support enforcement bureau people, that remind me of my grandfathers and my mothers stories: YEAR 1942 Germans SS: Raus Raus Raus polish schweine . What do you think judge - Germans SS actions, and your decision judge? These two facts, dont they have something in common: Jewish, Polish everybody no good (in reference to Hitlers philosophy) and your bad fathers and mothers judge (in reference to your decisions): no good. . . I am sorry to all of you for my drastic words but I will never forget crying old men when he told me those sad stories. Why did I mention that? To remind you what happen when, some of us becomes God-like and their abusive power. Please watch my explaining videos: My live tel conversation with Sam child support enforcement bureau at : part 1 part 2 This needs to end - Hitler was the same like them. open letter constitution we will protect you all are free we can help you

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#yiiaaeah great thing, like it
By hollie24m 4 years ago