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    Bodybuilding Hypnosis 120 rep curls

    Bodybuilding Muscle

    by Bodybuilding Muscle

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    1000% more strength using hypnosis Using a 15kg and an 8kg dumbbell superset the normal are 10 plus 5 reps, and after a quick preprogrammed session of self hypnosis he achieved 10 plus 120 reps. The arm had much more blood flow than a usual pump, and the bicep was bulging out like a cannon ball. The next video will demonstrate the effects of hypnosis for a delt side raise, to see if stamina, and staying power is also affected. Ideal for lagging bodyparts, claves, delts, shoulders, lats,pecs, thighs, abs, and for those who need extra motivation. A simple effective way to tap into our mind power to hide pain, increase strength, better recuperation, and muscle growth. Now at last bodybuilders have an alternative to anabolic steroids, and can get big natural and healthy.