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    Brevis MP.2 from Cinevate


    by Cinevate

    Sporting an advanced microprocessor management system, less than half a stop of light loss, 30 hour runtime, 15 minute "smart" charge time, tough carbon fibre material build, and don't forget stellar customer support, Cinevate is proud to present the new Brevis35 MP.2. The new advanced microprocessor system not only handles internal image oscillation, but also power, the integrated charging system, low power warning, and automatic unit shut down. The Brevis35 is the most advanced 35mm depth-of-field adapter system in it's class. The system is completely modular with 8 interchangeable Cinefuse imaging elements, micro-collimation, oscillation port adjustment, lens mount for Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax, PL, and OCT19 lenses, as well as a complete retrograde friendly design. The Brevis35 and high-grade optical flip module are truly world class. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the world! Find out more about the most advanced 35mm adapter on the planet at!