Homer Simpson Drawn With Beans

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Merrill Kazanjian
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This video is a stop motion animation of me drawing / sculpting / assembling Homer J. Sompson with various beans, chocolate chips and sunflower seeds. It took me about two hours to create this and it is all fit in less than two minutes in this video. I have been watching the show since I have been in middle school; so this is my tribute. Marge Ned Flanders, Lisa, Maggie, Bart, Moe, Apu, Groundskeeper Willie, Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, Nelson, Millhouse (Milhaus?), Barney, Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers to come? Please rate this video and comment to let me know! Thanks. Merrill Kazanjian http://merrillk.com quotes cartoon James L. Brooks, Fox , Krusty the clown, Nancy Cartwright Patty and Selma,


no prob! sorry about that!
By Merrill Kazanjian 6 years ago
Hey Nice !
I can't accept your video in the timelapse group cause this is not a real timelapse, it appear as "stopmotion" or as "speedpainting" (ok it's beans but that's the same principe).
Sorry but really nice video ;p
By Infra-Blue 6 years ago