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    We Be Wizards All

    Oz Thomas

    by Oz Thomas

    Music: maybe your teachers hammered your head prejudice as virtue words of the dead don't rock the boat don't swim just float coast along on a breeze mindless effortless with ease what does it matter what will it change harmony in silence just dressing the stage but why belong to a club that would have you as a member that will never accept you no, not ever hoping truth will stay hidden forever outside the circles, outside the lines where the water is murky, where there are no signs things interact and only truth can remain stating otherwise is just delaying the way they tell us we're atoms just here by chance where's the creator there's only circumstance muggles and machines counting our beans working and toiling for carrots and peas but be you short, fat or tall know that we be wizards all fight back with words gab like a fool i need none, i'm sure only my wizarding tool i'll throw out a spell, change dark into light give power to mice, make the stiff take flight it's good to be bored it means you're not dead you haven't been lured to give up your head so hammer on back conformity can't win integrity is vital for us and our kin remember, you're you you are no fool no muggle, no slave from your birth to your grave know that it's true be you short, fat or tall we are all freemen, we be wizards all