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    Does Apple's memory order signal a new iPhone? And when w...


    by TechVi

    Landlines, no matter how expensive or inconveinent, have managed to hold on despite the wireless revolution. MetroPCS is the latest carrier trumpeting some landline replacement features, so what's it going to take for the traditional telephone system to go the way of the dinosaur? We talk to Maggie Reardon, telecom reporter for CNET News and Matt Burns of CrunchGear to figure out when the plain ol' phone system will be extinct. Also on the show, Digitimes dug up a report of Apple ordering 100 million Samsung flash memory chips, the chips that are used in the iPhone, iPod touch, nano, and Shuffle. Some, including me, speculate that it signals the imminent arrival of a new iPhone in June, while others aren't as 100% sold on the idea. What do you think? Does Apple need to update the iPhone yearly to stay competitve with upcoming threats like the Palm Pre?