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    2012 Debunked (1 of 2)


    by Tsarioniswrong

    2 083 views Here is a link to download this video in one part in WMV format. References: The Sun's motion perpendicular to the galactic plane Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field The Planet X Saga: The Scientific Arguments in a Nutshell Response to Counterarguments Appendix 5 to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 by John Major Jenkins Texas A&M Oceanographer Challenges Plate Tectonics As Reason For Poles' Shift What is that pole shift thing? The Myth of a 12th Planet: A Brief Analysis of Cylinder Seal VA 243 precession of the equinoxes Our Galactic Plane MEANING OF THE BALL GAME IN MAYAN MYTHOLOGY Great Celestial Conjunction Crosses The World Age cosmology of the Maya calendar end-date in A.D.2012 and its basis in a rare astronomical alignment of the solstice sun with the Milky Way Galaxy Planetary Alignments: Fact or Fiction? The Platonic Year & the Maya Long Count: Fractal Confused about 2012 (yes, another one!) Planet X? Nope, an admitted hoax! positon on galactic plane http://hyp...