celtic music: "bold riley"

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Different versions of the same tune
Diverse versioni della stessa melodia.

by anonymous english

excerpts from:
- Kate Rusby: "Bold Riley" (album "Hourglass", 1997)
- the Oyster Band: "Bold Riley: (album "Pearls from the oysters", 2007)

Scenes from "The lord of the rings: the return of the king"
Scene dal film "Il signore degli anelli: il ritorno del re"
starring Liv Tyler


Goodbye my sweetheart, goodbye my dear-o
Bold Riley-o, Bold Riley...
Goodbye my darlin', goodbye my dear-o
Bold Riley-o has gone away...

Oh the rain it rains all day long,
Bold Riley-o, Bold Riley
and the northern wind, it blows so strong,
Bold Riley-o has gone away.

Well come on, Mary, don't look glum,
Bold Riley-o, Bold Riley
come White-stocking Day you'll be drinkin' rum
Bold Riley-o has gone away...

We're outward bound for the Bengal Bay
Bold Riley-o, Bold Riley
get bending, me lads, it's a hell-of-a-way
Bold Riley-o has gone away...

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you make other videos look like poo .. ..i feel lonely though.. ...!
By Snowflake111 4 years ago