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    YOUTUBE POOP: Fred's Hard Life (Part 2)


    by SmurfyDan

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    Part 2 of the 13th YTP By Me, with a 6 Year Old Crybaby named Fred (as some of the fans know)

    Soon Fred got ready to meet his arch nemesis at his house, then he ends up getting beaten until Fred based him hard and Kevin is soon turned out to be a Evil Penguin??!!, OMG!!!! :P :O

    Then Kevin sets a chase after Fred but ends up fell into the Water. as Fred ran back home feeling scared, He realised that Kevin isnt chasing him anymore and celebrating his victory with random things he usually does.... :P

    But whilst he was doing that, Unaware that Kevin has rised from the depths of water and was following him whilst Fred was taking the Crazy Pictures of himself to Judy and went into her house.

    However, he ends up got himself in big trouble....

    Enjoy! :)


    NOTE: All Things were Copyrighted to their Respected Owners