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    UFO Shoots At Missile


    by UFOEvolution

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    My guess is the motive of that action was to save us from ourselves. The E.T's want to see us thrive and they want to help us. They definitely don't want to kill us and take our planet. If that was the motive they would have done it eons ago and not wait for us to get more advanced.
    Open your eyes.
    By dm_5000369665eb44 years ago
    Perhaps it is those pesky Germans that were sent to the moon's dark side back in 1942... They fly from the base they built under the moon's surface, seeking to end mankind's destructive slide into the future. I doubt that aliens from light years distant have much interest in us ridding the planet from ourselves, it makes their invasions easier if we succeed in our quest for destruction
    By meinbcbud5 years ago