Krauthammer slams Obama's anti-American remarks in Europe

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Charles as usual is spot on. He is the smartest, and most intellectually honest person on the news, God Bless Charles and Fox for bringing us honest and loveble people. I know it is not popular to bash O'Reilly, but he and Chris Mathews both got the tingle up their leg in regard to Obama. I no longer watch O'Reilly because his sentiment is entirely different from mine. He has now gotten old and soft in his views while our country pays the price. Don't know how he is up in the ratings when we now have Glen Beck and Bret Baier to toll the bell for us.

Erudite. Something our President isn't. One of the biggest lies of the many he and his supporters have told is that Obama is "brilliant". His education is lacking and his vaunted intelligence comes straight from the teleprompter. Also, did I mention he either has a tin ear as regards politics or he really is George Soros's puppet.

Charles Rocks! It is so true that since WWII, Europe has depended on us for their security and we have supplied it too them at great expense to us. With this savings in defense spending Europe has enjoyed, they have installed a multitude of entitlement programs. With these entitlements, most of them unsustainable, Europe will find it hard to find the cash to defend themselves.
Therein lies the problem with welfare states in general. Those constantly sucking on the tit of the U.S. will have a very hard time releasing - I think it is pass time to do so.

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Obama gets KrautHAMMERED!
By Michael_Savage 6 years ago