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    Ouran High School Host Club--What's This?


    by Insanity624

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    Youtube is bothersome.

    Youtube Description:
    "I spent three days on this video, and the speed crashed my computer.
    The beginning had more clips that are technically THERE, but they don't show up because of the fastness D':

    But yeah...It was pretty fun to make! I had to break the video into 3 parts due to the complexity making it incapable of saving, so there's kind of a "hiccup" between "they got" and "electric lights on strings", making the "got" non-existent.

    I'm too lazy to fix it though, so...enjoy!!

    I like how I'm making these videos terribly out of order.

    Tamaki Suoh, the Host Club KING, first discovers the commoner's world. And Christmas. Mostly Christmas.

    Hilarity ensues. "

    Made in Windows Movie Maker, contest entry for Zeffie's AMV contest. etc etc.