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    G4 Attack of the Show - Anonymous vs Scientology


    by ChanologyNews


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    Cool vid. And that girl at the end needs to learn about how dangerous that CULT really is. Not just dangerous for the hundreds of deaths(WhyAreTheyDeadDOTnet), but dangerous for their government infiltration, coversion of government officials be it death threats on family members, killing their family pets or other means(google operation Snow White also watch the Scott Mayor testimony in XenuTV)And how they fleece their members for every penny they have. Plus a thousand other reason too many to go into here. But if you research and find youll see how theyre infiltrating our schools(study tech, applied scholastics etc)our prisons(criminon,NarCONon(not can)Second Chance etc)our Police forces and every aspect of government and council. Check them out people. They want to control EVERYTHING!!!
    By Slicolas7 years ago