Chris Candido vs Taz Part 1


by Maffew

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Your host is Jo-Jo. His opening spiel is interrupted by Rick Rude, who had jumped to the WWF the week before. He brings out Chris Candido. Here's an astonishing bit of trivia: Candido is not only wrestling the same match this year at Hardcore Heaven, but he has roughly the same amount of heat, credibility and chance to win. Tod "The Mole" Gordon comes out to banish Rude from ringside, and we hit the opening credits.

- Opening match, ECW TV title: Taz v. Chris Candido. For those nto aware, the lighting is horrible and the sound is almost as bad, making it almost impossible to hear the entrance music. Taz is wicked over. Candido bitch-slaps Taz to get him going. Candido bounces around for a bit until Taz counters a leapfrog by kicking him in the nuts. Well, that's one way to do it. The ring is REALLY LOUD TONIGHT. They do some wrestling sequences and then it suddenly dies, as neither guy seems to know what to do. Candido hits a messed up enzuigiri and Joey sells it as working on the neck.


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