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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Bartz vs Shantotto


    by Zack

    At last, an actual cimematic replay edit!

    This is me as a level 100 Bartz against a level 103 Shantotto. If you've read the descriptions of my other replays, you'll know why the CPU is 8.

    Anywho, I made this replay for my pal Ryo, as he's really interested in the game. Santotto's' strategy is pretty similar to Terra's', although the Tarutaru isn't nearly as dumb, so a pretty simple opponent. Also, forgive some of the wonky angles in this, they were on accident.

    I chose Bartz since he's a character both me and Ryo like, and Shantotto is the opponent because random chose her. As for the song in the background, it's an excellent remix of Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead) by S.S.H. I hope this replay turned out good enough, Replay Editor is really boring, yeesh. Well, enjoy.