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    Morgana is


    by Littlebravey

    Dedicated to Vinara because I'd say she deserves one and I hope she enjoys the video even if she doesn't like MerlinxMorgana pairing, there are hints at MorganaxArthur too!

    Spoilers up to episode 5 so be warned!

    This is basically a video about how all the "bad" guys want Morgana but so does Merlin but he thinks she sees right through him to the other men so he tries to be more like them so she might notice him more and it's pretty self-explanatory.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Disclaimer is basically that I don't own the material used in the video, they belong to their original and rightful owners, no money is made from this video, it's all made for fun and enjoyment and I hope everyone will enjoy the videos.