the Bruno movie Trailer

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This is cool.
By Joshua Crow last year
Awesome. ;) ..i feel lonely though.. ;))
By reema112 3 years ago
good movie i loved it soooooooooooo much . i've seen it on for free
By marnwiswapr 5 years ago
enj0y watch!ng th!s m0v!e at movienautscom
By kitesurfing2009 5 years ago
Hey Bruno, thanks for defiling an honest, revolutionary candidate such as Ron Paul for simply not knowing who you are. The only candidate to speak the truth and exploit a fascist oligarchy of mass subliminal propaganda — that you’ve only catered to more.

Such a satisfyingly disheartening thing, that the special and pretty people of the world are soon made to see the grim and unflattering state of reality.
By rpf006 5 years ago
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