China zoo: feeding one animal to another for 5 euros

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REPORT: China's widely trumpeted "harmonious society" has little space for animal rights. Some 80 zoos and safari parks across the country offer visitors a gruesome perk: paying to feed live animals to hungry predators.

16 commentaires

The Chinese are velly devious. You cannot tlust them.
Par charlesalmon Il y a 6 ans
I only approve if they feed George W. Bush to a pride of lions.

The poor lions would probably throw up on his rancid meat.
Par charlesalmon Il y a 6 ans
why does everyone cry for animals when they cant cry for there neighbor
Par sleepwalker123 Il y a 6 ans
you want every one to stop eating chickens just because it kills a animal go eat your carrots and beans and let the tigers do what they were born to do.
Par lonewolf101 Il y a 6 ans
So whats next? We camp out in the wild and stop the animals from eating each other, because we think this is not right??? GOD does not provide grocery stores in the wild for animals to buy their prey already processed. The thought that we should police the animals also is appalling. Is there nothing else that you could complain about? It is inhumane, in your circle of colleagues, for people to have to live under bridges. Do you think that we should abolish the feed the hungry program or quite giving to charity?? Because, that keeping the homeless from trying to progress in life. They are just preying off of humans! Is that ok?
Par seabisquit2 Il y a 6 ans
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