Down the Dirt Road Blues

Frenk van Meeteren
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Charlie Patton song.
I like to call it dark road blues, that's what I hear and find more fitting, but down the dirt road looks better..

I'm going away, to a world unknown
I'm worried now, but I wont be worried long

My rider got something, she tries to keep it hid
Now I got something to find that something with

I feel like chopping it, chips flying everywhere
I've been to the Nation, but Lord I couldn't stay there

Some people tell me, dark road blues ain't bad
It couldn't have been the dark road blues they had

Everyday seems like murder here
If I leave tomorrow, then I know you don't bit more care

Can't go down this dark road by myself
Ain't going to carry my rider, going to carry me someone else

2 commentaar

Door Jimmy Keith 6 jaren geleden
Yes !Super Fenck!Tu es l'homme du blues!Extra belle guitare (on dirait une Martin's).Voix et jeu d'gratte impeccable!!!!!!!!!Waouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
Door Stephane Gazel 6 jaren geleden