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    Rickson Gracie Highlight


    by MMAHighlights

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    terry e. ferrell
    If the Gracies had wanted to annihilate the competition in UFC 1 & UFC 2 or any of the early UFC's for that matter they would have entered Rickson into the tournament but they thought it'd look even better for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu if the much younger and much smaller Royce were the one chopping down all the giant opponents. They didn't think it'd look nearly as impressive for the 200 lb. Rickson to steamroll the competition. Had they unleashed the Great Rickson on the world instead of Royce,Rickson would be the legendary household name and it'd be Royce who? Because there has never been any doubt amongst the famliy what-so-ever that Rickson(8 yrs. older)would easily CRUSH Royce in no time at all. Truth be told,Royce has 5 older brothers and he was the smallest at the time and therefor was chosen by the family to unleash Gracie Jiu-Jitsu on the world. Other than MMA hardcore fans it's a real shame that more ppl don't know who Rickson Gracie is and what he's accomplished.
    By terry e. ferrell5 years ago