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    Star Wreck - UK trailer - on DVD May 4th!

    Way To Blue France

    by Way To Blue France

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    Star Wreck is a feature-length sci-fi parody, seven years in the making. It is the product of a core group of five Finns, and over 300 extras, assistants and supporters. The film combines world-class visual effects, a rough-and-ready sense of humour, and a passion that provide the basis for the first-ever Finnish science fiction adventure. This is not your run-of-the-mill parody aimed solely at Star Trek fans. It is a motion picture for everyone with a taste for action, humour and zany characters. It is the story of Emperor Pirk - a star fleet commander who declares himself a global overlord and decides to expand his reign beyond the farthest reaches of the universe. The story that unfolds amidst the space battles is a stark reminder of how dangerous the mixture of ambition, cowardice and stupidity is. There is no major production company behind the film, but five students and unemployed people from Tampere, a bit of blue linoleum and a few home computers. With these building blocks was created a great adventure and a motion picture that will send major shockwaves through the Finnish film industry - we hope. The big productions couldn't afford catering for the money that went into our film, yet the end result is in many ways a historic, loved, and appreciated film. The Secret Ingredient was passion and the will to prove that not everything is about money. Star Wreck is one of the first feature-length quality special-effects films ever to be released online for free, and is now presented for the first time on DVD through Revolver Entertainment’s Imperial Edition, with tons of new and unseen extras including audio commentary, featurettes, deleted, alternative and extended scenes. Star Wreck is being released on DVD on May 4th through Revolver Entertainment. Star Wreck – Imperial Edition DVD contents: • Star Wreck film feature • Audio commentary • Spirit of Star wreck featurette • Bloopers • Definitive Inside Out featurette • Birth of the Imperial Edition featurette • Towards the Iron Sky...