Sandy Posey - Born A Woman


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Posey had her first hit with "Born a Woman," which Moman produced in Nashville on March 15, 1966. This reached number 12 in the US sales charts in September 1966. "Born a Woman" was regarded by some as a women's liberationist song ("You're born to be stepped on, lied to, cheated on"), although it was lampooned by others and Helen Reddy, whose song, I Am Woman, became a feminist anthem in 1972, dismissed it much later as "dreadful" and its lyrics as "not exactly empowering". Billboard referred contemporaneously to "this woeful ballad rocker", while praising Posey's "excellent vocal work". Even so, Posey received two "Grammy" nominations for "Born a Woman" in the categories of vocal performance (female) and contemporary (R&R) solo vocal. "Born A Woman" was later covered by Nick Lowe (Bowi EP) and Hubble Bubble.