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    clover - lovelife

    nicholas budi

    oleh nicholas budi

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    a music video from clover,an indiepop girl band from jakarta,indonesia. i made this video in 2004,back in my college days. with a big help from a good friend of mine miss tania who's also the band member.
    each character in this video represents the band member. broccoli is miss tia the band vocalist. donut is miss nanda the guitarist. cupcake is miss tania the keyboardist, strawberry is miss zara the drummer, and watermelon is miss hana the bassist.
    the video tells the story about watermelon leaving her friends and her boyfriend behind to go to china. that in real life, it really hapenned. miss hana the band bassist have to go to china,leave her band and boyfriend,to continue her study for a year. peanut character in this video is miss hana's boyfriend mr.bin. at present time watermelon and peanut is happily married with one baby boy named binar.