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    Helen Kane-Dangerous Nan McGrew


    by Jazzgirl1920s



    Helen kane Was From the Bronx, Betty Boop Did Copy Her Style, from Dizzy dishes 1930 when betty boop was a dog, Betty Boop Even copyed Dangerous nan Mgrew in Bum Bandit,
    Betty Boop Was Fully a Imitation of Helen kane, Or they wouldnt have Dont a helen kane contest, in which 3 of the voices of betty boop entered, Mae Questel, Little ann little and Kate wright.
    The Studios who claimed betty boop was the style of clara bow Lied, It was later stated that she was a helen kane imitation, by Grim natwick Creator of betty boop
    When Betty Boop First appeared in dizzy dishes She was originally meant as a cariacature of Kane
    But as each cartoon went by Betty Seemed to have got Slimmer, also on my Box set it Claims That she had the Body of mae West and not Clara bow, so its basically all lies.
    She was the style of Helen kane, which was hidden for some reason. But kane will always be the original Boop Boop a Doop Girl, And betty Boop is the Boop Oop a doop Girl.
    By BoopOopaDoop6 years ago
    Boston Blackie
    ks.......I can see that this issue needs some "serious" research. Maybe one of these days?? I have always been a trivia nut on just about any topic.:-)
    By Boston Blackie7 years ago
    Bostonblakie, I had always thought the character was based on Helen Kane. The passage I read today makes clear however the question wasn't as simple as it seemed: "...All was not wine and roses for Betty. In April 1934, Helen Kane, whose popularity had waned since her debut in 1929, filed suit against Max Fleischer, Fleischer Studios and Paramount Pictures for $250,000. She claimed that Betty Boop had stolen her fans. Max Fleischer gave testimony that Betty Boop was not based on Helen Kane (which was untrue - Kane was one of the main inspirations for Betty, though she developed other features on her own as the years progressed)..."' Enjoyable trivia indeed :-)
    By kspm0220s7 years ago
    Boston Blackie
    ks.......I read that "Betty Boop" was based on Clara Bow. Helen Kane,as the voice of BB uses a "Brooklyn" accent. If she's from the Bronx, as jazzgirl suggested (close enough to Brooklyn) it was genuine on her part and as a bonus, it also sounded like CB, a native of Brooklyn, who they say never lost her hometown accent. This is real 1920s trivia, but I enjoy it. :-)
    By Boston Blackie7 years ago
    Bostonblakie, you undoubtedly are right; I wonder though if that should mean Kane was imitating Bow?
    By kspm0220s7 years ago
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