HD Lightning storm on a motorcycle/Sask. Canada/VRIDETV.com

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The Lenawee Trekker
Excellent video.
By The Lenawee Trekker2 years ago
la video m'a plu ^-^ ;) .....
By rogina35 years ago
I bookmarked this video for future reference! chat with me! !
By lovellybaby5 years ago
i totally subscribed btw check out my pics!! ?!,.!
By sweethoney5 years ago
Virtual Riding Television
After seven years of recovery from my near fatal motorcycle accident, I decided to not only start riding again but to actually ride across Canada. In April of 2006, we mounted a HD video camera to the handlebars of my motorcycle intending on taping our trip. We wanted to have our journey captured to view it for years to come. While on our trip we heard the same question from people on a daily basis, "what's that thing on your handlebars". (Referring to the camera). We explained that we were traveling across Canada and taping our adventure. The second question was, "how can I see it?". This happened repeatedly, almost every time we stopped. People of all ages would come up to us and express interest, share stories and give us ideas of where to ride next.

We soon realized that the footage we were capturing appealed to a significant number of people & there was a audience waiting to see it. The idea of Virtual Riding Television had begun. http://www.vridetv.com
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