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Ben Ali 2014!

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November 7, 1987: a new page in the country's 3,000-year-old history had opened.
Ben Ali, Prime Minister then, took over and becomes the second President of the Republic of Tunisia, "acting in accordance with the provisions in the Tunisian Constitution".
He abolished the office of President for life, and limited it to two consecutive terms of office.

April 24, 1989: Ben Ali was elected President for five years, receiving 99.3% of the vote cast.

Mars 20, 1994: Ben Ali elected again President for five years, receiving 99% of the vote cast.

October 24, 1999: Ben Ali once again elected President for five years and seven months, receiving 98.01% of the vote cast.

May 26, 2002: the country's first ever referendum proposed by Ben Ali was held; Overwhelmingly more than 99% of the Tunisians people voted "YES" (نعم) to abandon the limit of presidential terms, extending the age limit for candidates to 75, and granting the President judicial immunity during and after his presidency.

October 24, 2004: Ben Ali reelected President for five more years, receiving 94.49% of the vote cast.

October 25, 2009: Ben Ali will be reelected President once more for five years, and I predict he will be receiving 98.01% of the vote cast.

If Obama started the change in 2009, we, in Tunisia, started it back in 1987!
Tunisia wouldn't be the way we know it today if Ben Ali weren't and isn't our President!

Thank you Mr. President for being our President for more than 22 years!
Thank you Mr. President for accepting to continue being our President for 5 more years!

And to ensure continuity, prosperity, progress… we are asking you, no, we are begging you to change again the constitution in order to run again for president in 2014!

Ben Ali 2014!
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