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    Printing Die-Cut Stickers


    by stickergiant

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    Die cut stickers are stickers that are cut to a special shape, like this AllTop sticker. A special tool is made from a block of wood and steel rule. This tool is called a die tool. The die tool is setup with the same layout as the previously printed sheets of stickers. Great care is taken to make sure the steel rules are aligned properly within the die. Rubber needs to be added to the die so that the stickers don’t get caught in the tool while cutting. Glue is applied to the inside surface and a thick rubber sheet is pressed into the die. A final check is done to ensure that the previously printed sheets of stickers and the final die will align properly on the die-cutting press The die is now mounted on the die-cutting press. Great care is taken to be sure the die and the printed sheets of stickers will align properly. A single test sheet is used to check the final setup so that any last minute adjustments can be made. All of the previously printed sheets of AllTop stickers are now loaded into the machine’s automatic feeder. A series of suction tubes and steel grippers grab one sheet at a time and place it on the cutting surface. Each sheet is cut individually and placed to the side. A single cut by this cutting machine frees the stickers for the next step. The die-cut stickers are now punched out by hand and a simple rubber band keeps the stacks in order. And that’s how die-cutting is done at StickerGiant.