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    Tomb Raider 3 Glitched Speedrun - The River Ganges


    by Ryan

    The River Ganges in 2:22.

    Pretty straight-forward level. Getting used to the quad bike definitely takes some practice. Even in this run, the bike screws up on me.

    For some reason, the quad bike slowed up way too much when dropping to the rock bridge. I probably hit the brakes too hard there. But after that I kinda made up for it.

    PS: There is a faster route for this level, but it is next to impossible to do. Upon starting the level, jump right into the river and swim all the way to the waterfall at the end. Just before that, there's a corner that allows a swim bug, but because the current is carrying you, you have less than a second to line Lara up to make the swim bug work. I couldn't pull it off unfortunately.