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    The Aristocats Previews (2000 VHS)

    Aubrey Scott

    by Aubrey Scott

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    Here are the previews for the 2000 VHS of "The Aristocats":

    1. Green FBI screens (late 90's variation)
    2. Walt Disney Home Video logo (Gold/black background)
    3. "Coming Soon to Own on Video and DVD"
    4. "The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea" preview
    5. "Toy Story 2" preview
    6. "Coming Soon to Own on Video"
    7. "Discover Spot" preview
    8. "Now Available to Own on Video and DVD"
    9. Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection promo
    10. promo
    11. "Feature Presentation"
    12. "This Film Has Been Modified.."
    13. Walt Disney Pictures logo

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