BNSF #701 W/ a Nice Crew & P3 HORN!!

Chase Millsap

by Chase Millsap

Hey folks, it has been a week and here was the problem that has cause the pause on video uploads, my internet on my computer is down and it has been over the past week, i've been using temporary computers while it is down and it is still down today, i'm uploading this with a labtop & using a SanDisk Media Device for a while until the internet on my computer gets fixed.
But I am back to basic uploading and here is another great catch from this Kelso Trip, BNSF #701 is leading this Northbound Pasco to Interbay manifest.

BNSF #701 C44-9W
BNSF #772 C44-9W
Filmed: 3/14/09
Location: Kelso Station
Symbol: M-PASINT-14