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    I don't believe in War !!!

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    Believing in God is one thing...
    Using God's name as an excuse for War, is another thing altogether !

    Whilst I am only too happy to respect the right of people to believe as they choose to believe... I have to object if their beliefs contribute to the harming of their fellow human beings.

    It is my belief that God created us so that we could love and respect each other... and that the last thing God would want for us to be doing, is killing each other.

    God gave us an intellect... and we are expected to use that intellect to settle our differences through 'peaceful' means... rather than resorting to 'bloodshed'.

    There has already been far too much killing.
    It is time to demand 'an end to war' once and for all... and to ensure that tolerance and respect of each others' right to be who and what we are, takes precedence over violence.

    No war for religion or empire.
    Peace... Now and always !!!