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    Heaven Shall Burn - Voice of the voiceless (live 2007)


    par Clem

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    Un groupe que j'adore qui ne chante pas pour ne rien dire...
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    See them die!
    They Die!

    A rain of blood should cover our world
    Stench and decay should be the only thing we sense
    But hidden in the dark and erased from our heads
    Barbarity and slaughter are everywhere
    A contemptible ethic, a relict

    For the weakest of the weak
    For the lowest of the low
    My voice for the voiceless
    My fists for the innocent

    On the edge of a new age this is still our dogma
    No grave for millions - tortured creatures,
    But a common grave for our morals
    This slaughter - an ethic I deny
    An archaic way of thinking, so
    monstrous and absurd

    - -

    We are the final Resistance...
    wall of death braveheart Metalcore Deathcore Death Metal Hardcore