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    Smoke Fifty-One (Smoke51) Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cig) 101


    by HealthySmokes

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    The Fifty-One™ e-cigarette is a revolutionary, innovative electronic smoking device which offers the smoking community a healthier smoking alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using advanced technology, the Fifty-One™ e-cig allows for a smoking experience without the flame, ash, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, or horrible and offensive smell found in traditional cigarettes. As the Fifty-One™ electronic cigarette is free of tobacco, this product does not contain the thousands of harmful carcinogens typically found in tobacco products. With no offensive second-hand smoke, the Fifty-One™ offers a safer, healthier environment to both you and the non-smoking community. Simply put, there is no longer a need for anyone to breathe the unwanted, dangerous second-hand smoke produced by traditional tobacco cigarettes. -- Click for the interactive 3D presentation of this video! -- Click to start selling Smoke Fifty-One electronic cigarettes on your site or blog!