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    Prt 2 Selena Spice dating; win a date with Selena Spice!


    by LORK DIESEL The God

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    just part 2. We're trying to battle all these
    demonic social sites out there. Finally now
    there's a site with a down home feel;
    we're more human. I'll prove it to ya,
    when I get to your town call me and
    let's go have a few beers, on me :)

    All my niggas out there, u put up
    a star class vip pass on dahoneyhouse
    and we'll send honeys to your house.
    Real talk. You're going to blow that
    money on weed and liquor anyways,
    put that money up on dahoneyhouse and
    you'll get endless hookups for anything
    you want. No bs.

    Also the cd associated with the site
    is coming out soon. It's going to be
    worth a lot of money because "you're"
    going to be on it! Stay tuned for
    more info about that. Peace. LorkDiesel