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    France to USA: "Stop Obama! Socialism does not work!"


    by Krauthammer

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    Socialism = feudalism = tyranny.

    Our government wants more power to take companies over before they fail. They want to get in there with all of their "expertise", because we all know that our government is so very competent when it comes to running things, into the ground that is.

    They say that if they would have had this power long ago, then they could have used it on, (against), AIG and that they would have prevented this mess that we are in. Do they think that we are fools? I wouldn't trust our government to run a 7-11 store, let alone a multibillion dollar company.

    Or maybe I am wrong, maybe Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Timothy Geithner, and President Obama would be much better at running companies than the private sector is. Maybe we should just get it over with, and go full speed ahead into Fascist corporatism. I'm sure that the leftist in this country would love it.