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    Motherboard Meets The Backyard Rocketeer


    by VBS.TV

    TO SEE MORE BACKYARD ROCKETEER GO TO VBS! Of all the things the 50s promised us and then welched on, jet packs are probably the most disheartening (after orgasm pills). Fortunately, however, where the scientific establishment has let us all down, one Mexican home-inventor is picking up the slack. From his backyard in Morelos, Juan Manuel Lozano has engineered and test-flown a stable of rocket-powered conveyances, from rocket belts to bikes to carts to the most ludicrous personal helicopter we've seen this side of Inspector Gadget--each of them powered by his home-brewed ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide jet fuel. He's like a one-man turn-of-the-century flying machine montage (just replace "The Entertainer" with "La Cucaracha").