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    Si tu vois ma mere - Jim Buchmann 2008

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Si Tu Vois Ma Mere - Jim Buchmann 2008

    In the fall of 2008 during a jazz festival in Chandler Arizona saxellist Jim Buchmann did a wonderful version of Sidney Bechet’s “Si tu vois ma mere”. In the seventies Jim was a member of the Climax Jazz Band.
    I was their trumpeter then and Jim had played that tune once in a while before. Jimmy moved back to the States and worked for more than 20 years as a musician with the Disney Organisation. In 2002 Jim moved to the Okanagan and joined my band, Okanagan Swing, for a few years. He then moved back to his hometown Portland, Ore. Again he plays with the Climax Jazz Band on their international festivals. I haven’t heard Jim play this tune with such feeling, with so much interwoven ideas of his own without copying Bechet. A unique tune to begin with, with Jimmy’s approach this has become a very special performance.
    I should also compliment Dave Kosmyna, the band’s cornetist, who plays piano in this tune which is not something he does on a regular basis.
    Original members are Chris Daniels on bass and Jack Vincken on banjo. During this festval they were blessed to have Hal Smith, who is one of the very best drummers in this style in the USA, on drums as a guest.