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    Pokemon: GSC "Bike Theme"

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    You want the sheet music? You got it! Check link below...

    I loved this song so much that I decided to go learn how to play it. It was an easy, fun song to learn. I tried to do it as perfect as I could for you guys so I spent a few days learning and practicing. It took 15 minutes and starting over 56 times (yes, I actually counted) to record it and bring you the full, correct version of the Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Bike Theme on the piano... well at least correct according to the sheet music.

    Enjoy and re-live the memories of this great game!

    Edit: Many people have been asking for the sheet music and it's not mine to keep from you. You can download Finale Notepad and download the file from HeliumKid and a bunch of other stuff, but many people have been having problems with that (or they're lazy, I don't blame them) so I made it simple; you can download it from my photobucket. I scanned it in so there's some marks on it to help me sight read but they shouldn't be a problem for you. Enjoy! Good luck and have fun! Feel free to post a video response if you learned how to play it, I'd love to watch :)

    Sheet Music: