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    CONFESSIONS FROM A HOLIDAY CAMP 1977 british sex comedy


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    by chikungfu

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    CONFESSIONS FROM A HOLIDAY CAMP aka Confessions of a Summer Camp Councillor, Timothy Lea's Confessions from a Holiday Camp

    1977 British Saucy Sex Comedy - Starring: Robin Askwith, Anthony Booth, Bill Maynard, Doris Hare, Sheila White, Linda Hayden - Directed by: Norman Cohen
    Holiday Campers Exposed! The Funniest Take Off Of the Season!

    Having failed dismally with their driving school, Sid Noggett ( Tony Booth ) and Timmy Lea ( Robin Askwith ) head off to Funfrall Holiday Camp, a paradise where the possibilities for sex are limitless. The only thing missing is the weather. But then their fun is stymied by the arrival of new manager Whitemonk ( John Junkin ), a former prison governor. He wants to impose militaristic discipline on the staff. Noggett proposes a beauty contest.
    The Lea family turn up en masse and begin causing trouble, in particular Dad ( Bill Maynard ) who gets involved in an ongoing dispute with the father of a cheeky kid ( Nicholas Owen, 'Tristan' from 'George & Mildred' ).

    Timmy's numerous sexual exploits become increasingly public, leading the manager to conclude there is a mad streaker on the loose.
    Against Sid's wishes, Rosie enters the beauty contest. But when the kid chucks a cream pie at a contestant, all hell breaks loose...