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    DEVILS NIGHTMARE 1971 Vampire Playgirls Erika Blanc Trailer


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    by chikungfu

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    DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE aka Vampire Playgirls, Succubus, The Devil Walks at Midnight, The Devil's Longest Night, Castle of Death, Nightmare of Terror

    EXORCISM! The one last hope for the possessed ... But this time the devil wins!

    1971 Horror - Starring: Erika Blanc, Jean Servais - Directed by: Jean Brismee

    In the 12th century, Sigfried von Rhoneberg signed a pact with the Devil. Along with Rhoneberg's soul, Satan demanded that the eldest daughter of each generation serve him as a succubus. For this reason, the current Baron von Rhoneberg [Jean Servais] killed his firstborn daughter in hopes of stopping the curse. Unknown by the baron, however, his dead brother Rudolph also fathered a daughter with the maid.