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    A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA - John Mills Luciana Paluzzi 1968


    by chikungfu

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    A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA aka Death Has No Sex

    White veils for angels

    1968 - Starring: Luciana Paluzzi, John Mills, Robert Hoffmann, Renate Kasche - Directed by: Massimo Dallamano
    When a narcotics detective finds out that his beautiful wife--who is an ex-criminal--is cheating on him, he hires a professional hitman to bump her off. However, things don't go quite according to plan.

    A Black Veil for Lisa is one of the earlier films in the Giallo cycle, and has taken much of its influence from the film noir style of film-making. Directed by Massimo Dallamano, the man behind the unofficial 'Schoolgirls in Peril' trilogy