Mr Vista and the hot girl

Mr Vista
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Mr Vista has pulled at last! Virtually of course.

Remember the bad old days? Back then to get a cheeky peek of the female form took effort. Probably involving making 'Scuff Face' Andrews* give you a bunk up so you peek in through the girl's changing room's upper windows - as an example. What a waste of time! And they painted them over after a few weeks anyway. Pah!

Well there is none of that now. The onward march of technology, the billions of dollars invested in technology, the decades of work putting in an international network of inter-connected servers have all paid off. The time is now! Now some girls will give you a tease for free. Awesome. And better for Scuff Face's back too!

* Replace your long suffering friends name here - eg. Chubby Cheng, Killer Khan, Beak nosed Brenda or just plain old 'Fart breath'.


Super video Merci ;)) .. ,,,.....
By flying_angel1234 4 years ago
What an amazing video! btw check out my pics!! ;))
By angelbaby11 4 years ago
That was really funny! chat with me! ??,.!..,
By angeilbabe6777 4 years ago
Amazing video. ha
By testobam8899 4 years ago
Keep up the good work. ha
By testo7888 4 years ago
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